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Frequently Asked

How can I tell the difference between an adult and a juvenile Red Kite?

How many eggs/young do Red Kites have?

Where can I see Red Kites in Yorkshire?

For the answers to these and many more questions CLICK HERE



When the grip of winter arrives it brings the problem of prey for red kites so keep your eyes on any ploughing activity that the birds like to follow, foraging for whatever turns up. Road kill carrion is another important source of prey.

Emergencies and Nesting


To report sick, injured or dead red kites please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

Nesting and General Contact.

Should you suspect nesting red kites in your area, or wish to make an enquiry regarding Yorkshire Red Kites, please CLICK HERE and complete our Contact Form.

Thank You!


We've created a sightings map from the data that you've sent to us over the 4 year period 2018 to 2021

Click this link or the map to be taken there.


Homepage quotes

"When the kyte builds, look to lesser linen"
From Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale

"Ah, could I see a spinney nigh,
A paddock riding in the sky,
Above the oaks, in easy sail,
On stilly wings and forked tail."
Paddock is an old English name for the Red Kite
By John Clare (c1820)

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