The Breeding Season (March to June inc)
Yorkshire Red Kites respectfully request that we do not wish to receive any images of red kites from any locations during the current breeding season. Red Kites are specially protected as a Schedule 1 species under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Thank you in anticipation for your cooperation. 
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... and with it the bird breeding season, This is where we would appreciate your help as there are many potentially suitable woodlands where there may be additional breeding pairs that we aren’t aware of.



Late spring/early summer is possibly the quietest time for seeing red kites as they are busy raising any young. Once both the adults and young are ‘fed up’ there is generally very little activity of birds out on the wing.



Autumn signals the start for red kites to come together in late afternoon for what is known as a ‘communal roost’. We’re aware of several roost sites but would welcome any information should anyone come across a roost that can contain high double numbers of kites.



When the grip of winter arrives it brings the problem of prey for red kites so keep your eyes on any ploughing activity that the birds like to follow, foraging for whatever turns up. Road kill carrion is another important source of prey.

Homepage quotes

"When the kyte builds, look to lesser linen"
From Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale

"Ah, could I see a spinney nigh,
A paddock riding in the sky,
Above the oaks, in easy sail,
On stilly wings and forked tail."
Paddock is an old English name for the Red Kite
By John Clare (c1820)

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If there's a Red Kite new to your area of Yorkshire then CLICK HERE and please let us know.

Reports of Red Kite sightings received from the general public are always welcome. They help us keep track of the expanding population, and a number of new breeding pairs having been located through such records.

Frequently Asked

How can I tell the difference between an adult and a juvenile Red Kite?

How many eggs/young do Red Kites have?

Where can I see Red Kites in Yorkshire?

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